What are Static websites? Characteristics

Static Websites:

  1. Content:
    • Static websites have fixed content that remains the same for all users. Content is defined by the HTML code written by the developer.
  2. Development:
    • The content is directly coded into HTML files. Each page is a separate HTML file, and any changes require manual editing of the code.
  3. Interactivity:
    • Limited interactivity. Static websites are less interactive as they don’t respond to user input or changes in data.
  4. Performance:
    • Generally faster performance because the content is pre-built and doesn’t rely on server-side processing.
  5. Examples:
    • Brochure websites, personal blogs, portfolio sites, and informational websites are often static.
  6. Hosting:
    • Can be hosted on simple web servers, as they don’t require advanced server-side technologies.
  7. Scalability:
    • May become challenging to manage as the size and complexity of the website grow.


      • Static websites are simpler, faster, and best suited for smaller sites with fixed content.

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